Why WordPress

As a developer if I ever have to choose from any one of the available CMS,Framework or any other web development prototype; no doubt First one will come in my mind is WordPress.

So why WordPress? Here are some reasons:

  1. Its free : WordPress is contributed by volunteers and available for use absolutely free.
  2. There are thousands of free plugins and themes available for free. One can easily choose from and use.
  3. Simplicity will always be a key factor in success of WordPress. Whether in its use or development.
  4. WordPress permalink structure makes it Search engine friendly.
  5.  Highly maintainable as updates and upgrades are very easy; even automatized.
  6.  Development for and using WordPress is very easy and efficient.
  7. Recent developments like REST API integration in core makes it very promising tool for mobile app development.

WordPress is continuously proving that its not only a Content Management System or Blogging tool but can be used to develop an app or provide services to an app.

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